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North East Aixro Consumables

North East Aixro can provide you with every consumable item you will need to run your Aixro Kart successfully

Mobile 1 2T Racing Oil Mobil 1 2T Racing Oil

Note : This is the recommended oil to be used with your Aixro Engine for a clean emmission free burn and low carbon build up

1 Litre 15.00
Putoline Tech Chain Ceramic wax (aerosol)  Putoline Tech Chain Ceramic Wax (Aerosol)

Tech Chains Revolutionary ceramic wax formula is totally waterproof and guaranteed not to fling. Suitable for both O-Ring and non O-Ring Chains 

500ml 11.75
Putoline Action Fluid Aerosol Putoline Action Fluid (Aerosol)

Action Fluid in a handy 600ml Aerosol .
The Worlds #1 genuine foam airfilter oil. Suitable for all 2 layer high quality bonded open pore foam airfilters.

600ml  10.30

Putoline Action Cleaner Aerosol  Putoline Action Cleaner Aerosol 

Action Cleaner is a water-soluble degreaser developed for use on all modern foam type air filters. Action Cleaner's unique formulation ensures thorough cleaning of all foam air filters and, unlike petrol or other solvents, will not attack the glues used by manufacturers in the construction of the filter itself. Leading to prolonged life for filter and engine.

600ml 9.00
Putoline Action Kit Putoline Action Kit 

A complete Air Filter Maintenance Kit
Contains : 1x 65g Action Grease, 1x 10 litre Action Cleaner Bucket, 1 Air filter Rack, 1x 3 litre Action Fluid Bucket, 1x 1 litre Action Fluid, 1x 5 litre Action Cleaner, 5x disposable glove, 1x Action Filter Sticker

59.99 each

Putoline Coolant NF  Putoline Coolant NF

New Organic (OAT) silicate and phosphate free formula provides complete frost free protection down to -38C. Use all year round for total protection against corrosion

1 Litre 6.80 
Putoline Ice Cooler Putoline Ice Cooler

A Silicate and Phosphate free long life coolant, based on nano technology and Mono Propylene Glycol (MPG). Designed to reduce operating temperatures in racing

2 Litre 17.80

Putoline DOT 5.1  Putoline DOT 5.1

Synthetic racing brake fluid with a 265C dry boiling point 

250 ml 9.75
Putoline Cable Guard Putoline PTFE Cable Guard

Multi purpose high performance lubricant. Its compound will protect all moving plastic and metal parts. It provides long term lubrication and protection even under extreme pressure and heavy loads. Perfect for cable lubrication

500ml 11.00

Putoline Silicon Spray  Putoline Silicon Spray

Restores all plastic, metal and plated parts to a showroom standard 

500ml 8.90
Putoline Carburettor Cleaner Putoline Carburettor Cleaner

Removes varnish and gum deposits from Choke Valves, Needle Valves and Jets 

500ml 9.80

Putoline Chain and Engine degreaser  Putoline Chain and Engine Degreaser 

High powered spray on, water soluable degreaser with citrus scent

500ml 9.00
Putoline PPF-52 Corrosion Spray Putoline PPF-52 Corrosion Spray

Simply sprays on and protects metal, plastic and other parts from corrosion, winter conditions and road salts. Completely Washable 

500ml 10.80

Putoline Handy Rack  Putoline Handy Rack

Handy Rack for Storage of Oils and Sprays in your workshop 

(NOTE : Content NOT included)

17.99 each 

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